How the Program Works

To apply for a Habitat Home one must: 

  • Live or work in the St. Vrain Valley school district

  • Be a legal permanent resident or citizen of the United States

  • Attend an orientation

  • Turn in all paperwork, including financial documents, on time

  • Be interviewed by a selection committee

Habitat Homes are affordable because: 

  • They are built by volunteers working with future homeowners.

  • They are sold at cost and for no profit.

  • House payments are 25-30% of the homeowners monthly income at origination

  • Habitat offers low-no interest mortgage loans

Habitat Homeowners are required to: 

  • Contribute 250-500 hours of “sweat equity”

  • Attend budgeting, home maintenance and other classes

Program Qualifications:

Housing Need

(such as):

· Inadequate Housing

· Unsafe Neighborhood

· Housing is Temporary or Transitional

Willingness to Partner

(for example):

· Attend an orientation

· Turn in all paperwork in a timely manner

· Attend classes once selected

· Complete all “sweat equity” hours before moving into your home

Ability to Pay:

· Meet income guidelines (see below)

· Debt to Income Ratio 43% or less (Monthly Debt Payments on Credit Report + Potential Habitat Mortgage / Monthly Income=Less than .43)

· Limited number of adverse credit accounts on credit report

· Be able to save $500-$1,000 for closing costs

Longmont Income Limits.png

Current Income Limits for Longmont

* These numbers are updated from time to time

Income Limits for Dacono.png

Current Income Limits for Dacono

* These numbers are updated from time to time

Income limits Estes.png

Current Income Limits for Estes Park

* These numbers are updated from time to time

For more information about our homeownership program, please contact Erin Minaya, Homeowner Services Coordinator, at or 303-682-2485 x.104. 

Para obtener más información acerca de nuestro programa de propiedad de vivienda, por favor póngase en contacto con Julie Gallegos, la Directora de Servicios Familiares a 303-682-2485 x103 o email: