Why Your Company should partner with us

Your organization has an opportunity to impact a family’s life forever by partnering with St. Vrain Habitat. Whether you’ve volunteered with us many times or you are first-timers, St. Vrain Habitat provides exciting, fun opportunities to build a family’s future. No experience necessary. We provide all the training and tools you need.

Why get involved with your company?

Corporate social responsibility is a growing trend. Investing your resources in St. Vrain Habitat will make a real difference in the lives of local families AND will help you develop your corporate culture of caring, giving, and investing in the future of your community and the world. Partnering with us will allow you to promote your social responsibility goals while you make a lasting impact.

Volunteering together…

  • helps your employees stay engaged in your work and offer a valuable, meaningful contribution to society

  • fosters an environment to help you get to know your employees and colleagues, and create a unique teamwork experience

  • erases the traditional walls of hierarchy within organizations through peer-to-peer interactions as you work toward a common goal

  • provides a tangible way for your company to impact a family’s future

  • creates a meaningful connection to your community increasing awareness of the need for decent, affordable housing

  • challenges your employees to learn and use different skills than they may in the office

  • offers a valuable experience for you to take back to the office

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Giving together…

  • raises public awareness of the need for decent, affordable housing

  • builds on your company’s reputation because of your philanthropic contributions

  • provides an opportunity for joint marketing and co-branding

  • gives you a tax deduction

  • increases employee morale