International Partnerships

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As a Christian organization, we are driven by the desire to give tangible expression to the love of God through partnering with families around the globe to bring decent, affordable housing. We partner with people regardless of race, religion, age, gender, political views or any other distinctions that too often divide people. We are committed to issues that affect not just our local neighbors but those who live in extreme poverty and substandard housing throughout the world. The opportunity to support and serve our partners internationally is an outward expression of our faith. 

Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley donates 10% of its unrestricted funds to help provide decent and affordable homes and housing solutions to families outside of the United States. With this quarterly contribution, St. Vrain Habitat has provided $500,000 to Habitat affiliates across the globe. In 2018, St. Vrain Habitat was ranked in the top 5 tithers in the nation for affiliates serving communities of our size.  

Who We Support

St. Vrain Habitat distributes ¼ of its tithe funds to an affiliate in each of Habitat's five international regions: Latin America and Caribbean, Africa and Middle East, Asia and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia.  There are Habitat organizations in 70 countries throughout the world.  

St. Vrain Habitat supports 5 international affiliates: Nepal, Paraguay, Lesotho, and Armenia. Additionally, St. Vrain Habitat helps support water and sanitation projects around the globe.

St. Vrain Habitat supports 5 international affiliates: Nepal, Paraguay, Lesotho, and Armenia. Additionally, St. Vrain Habitat helps support water and sanitation projects around the globe.

Current Partners

Paraguay: 2009 - present
Lesotho: 2013 - present
Armenia: 2014 - present
Nepal: 2019-present

                         Former Partners
Cambodia: 2008 - 2019
Nicaragua1992-2002, 15 homes funded
           Haiti2012-2013, 8 homes funded
         Mexico2007-2014, 41.25 homes funded

How We Pick Each International Affiliate

Each international partner is evaluated every four years by a volunteer task force on a rotating schedule under the following criteria: 


Does it match Habitat for Humanity International’s strategic plan? The Habitat for Humanity International Tithe office and regional offices create a list of targeted counties that are either trying to increase capacity or awareness. We will use their targeted countries as our short list to evaluate potential tithe partners. 


Is there substandard housing/poverty in this area? All areas where Habitat is working will have a need for housing, but being able to evaluate the need will allow us to articulate that need. 

Capacity Building

Does the affiliate have a need for an international partner (us) to fulfill its mission? We would like our tithe to help in building capacity for an affiliate that is in need of international partners. There are affiliates who have a long and great history of building international partners and therefore have many of them. We would like to make sure our tithe partner is in an area that really needs partners. 


Does the international affiliate have the capability of sustaining its work in this service area? Some of Habitat’s work is in other stages of development for a country that does not include building houses. Sometimes it involves advocacy on the governmental level to change laws that prohibit land tenure and other times it includes the development of other basic needs before housing can be built (water, sanitation, etc.). We will examine the potential countries to be sure the project they are working on aligns with our objectives and recognize what our tithe will support. 


Is it an area we can visit? Is travel to this country safe? Relatively inexpensive? Would it provide a good experience for volunteers? We cannot predict the future and it might not be possible to visit the country when we are ready to do so but we can at least look at the probability of accessibility. 


Join Our International Development Committee

If you are interested in helping to evaluate our tithe partners, please contact Julie Gallegos, Director of International Development or 303-682-2485 x103.



Year-End International Ministry Reports: 

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