Become a Faith Partner

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No matter what is going on in the outside world, inside these four walls, you are safe. You are home.

~Carmen, a Habitat homeowner,
Her house was the first Apostles Build

Owning a home makes a huge difference in the lives of the families we serve, providing strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. Your church has an opportunity to impact a family’s life forever by partnering with St. Vrain Habitat. There are many ways you can become a faith partner and make a difference in the community we all share. This is an opportunity to engage your faith community by pursuing a common goal to strengthen your city and improve the quality of life for families.

Why get involved with your faith community?

  • Serve others in your community and show them God’s love in a tangible way.

  • Work alongside future homeowners, who are blessed by your commitment to Habitat.

  • Learn new skills and gain new friends.

  • Become more connected to your local community, strengthening your city and empowering families.

  • Participate in a tangible opportunity to live your faith together in a meaningful way.

Would you like to become a faith partner with us?

Here are some ways you can connect with us:

  • Partner with St. Vrain Habitat on a build or renovation project.

  • Travel to a different county via a Global Village trip.

  • Collaborate with other faith communities and plan a faith build, such as an Apostles Build or Interfaith Build.

  • Bring your youth group to volunteer at the ReStore (ages 14 and up).

  • Prepare on-site meals for Habitat volunteer crews. (Please contact our volunteer team directly to schedule).

  • Serve on the Habitat board and committees.

  • Volunteer in the administrative office and the ReStore.

  • Coordinate a donation drive with your faith community to bring gently used items to the ReStore. These items are then sold to the general public at a discounted rate and the proceeds benefit St. Vrain Habitat, helping us build more homes and change more lives.

  • Support the St. Vrain ReStore by organizing a shopping day with a small group. The ReStore sells low-cost home improvement goods, household wares and home decor, books, and clothes.

  • Donate one time or regularly to St. Vrain Habitat.

  • Collect a special offering in your church or faith gathering for St. Vrain Habitat.

  • Sponsor a build project. Learn more about costs associated with building a Habitat home.

  • Host a Habitat representative during your service or event to communicate to your faith community about the need for safe, affordable housing.

  • Financially support a Global Village trip.

  • Provide in-kind goods and services. (Please contact us directly to discuss details). Learn more about our current partners.

  • Attend a Habitat event. Keep “in the know” with upcoming events and volunteer opportunities by following our News & Events page, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and subscribing to our e-newsletter.

  • Advocate for safe, affordable housing for all. Have conversations with your congregation, family, friends, and those in your circle of influence.

  • Pray for the lives and communities affected by St. Vrain Habitat’s work, often including our most vulnerable populations such as children, elderly, disabled, and socially marginalized. We believe our work could not continue without your dedicated prayer support.