Our Next Orientation will be for Home-ownership in dacono. it will take place on October 24th at 2 p.m. in the dacono Public Library
(512 Cherry St. Dacono, CO)

Whether you're a hammer-swinging expert or have no experience at all, your help is always needed.  Register to come out to a construction site and to learn about other exciting opportunities.

Habitat for Humanity couldn't succeed without  dedicated support from  religious and business entities as well as charitable gifts made by generous individuals in the community .  

The ReBuild program is designed to help people recover from the historic flood of 2013. From new home construction to repair projects there are many ways for you to get involved and help repair the St. Vrain Valley. 

Are you interested in owning your own Habitat home? Click the button below to learn what it takes to partner with Habitat for Humanity and some of the benefits that the program has to offer.