ReStore Volunteer Information 

Please take a moment to review our volunteer orientation and safety guidelines. 

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Don't see your question listed? Please let us know any additional questions you might have. We are happy to help.

What kinds of people can volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We accept individuals and groups. Individuals older than 16 but younger than 18 must have parents sign a waiver. We cannot accept volunteers under the age of 16. Truck drivers must be at least 18.

Also, we welcome and accept:

  • Senior Citizens and Retirement Community Groups - Volunteering at the ReStore can be a fun extracurricular activity.

  • School Community Service - Habitat ReStore volunteer hours look great on a resume or college application!

  • Business, Church, and Other Groups - It's always fun to volunteer with friends!

  • Individuals who Need to Perform Community Service - We are happy to accommodate you with advance notice.

No experience necessary. We provide all the tools you need to do your job and enjoy your service experience. 

What is the check-in process like? 

Volunteers can check in with customer service. Please be sure to bring your signed waiver if it is your first time. Sign in in the appropriate labeled section in the binder (i.e. community service for court or school ordered community service, homeowners for homeowners, and traditional for all other types of volunteers). Each section has specific instructions so be sure to read these when you arrive before signing in. Grab a name badge from customer service and a volunteer vest in the break room.

What about taking a break or rest-period? 

Volunteers can utilize the break room, equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee pot. Volunteers are encouraged to take breaks. A thirty-minute lunch is required for an 6-8 hour shift. Please be sure to stay hydrated. The ReStore is a dry and dusty environment.

What should a volunteer wear?

Please wear appropriate working attire (pants or long shorts, plain tee shirt or a ReStore volunteer shirt, closed-toe shoes, etc.)when volunteering at the ReStore. We are a casual environment. The ReStore can be dusty so you probably won't return home in the same pristine condition. We do require all volunteers to wear a name badge and a vest while volunteering on-site. During cold weather, ReStore volunteers may wear appropriate jackets, hoodies, or sweaters under work vests.

What should I bring?

Feel free to bring a lunch, snacks, and/or water bottle. You can leave these in our refrigerator in the break room. Lockers available for personal belongings. Bring your own lock please.You may store your jackets/coats in the break room on the volunteer vest rack. The ReStore is not responsible for your personal items or property.

What if I can't make a shift? 

We rely on volunteers to help run the ReStore, but we understand things happen. If you cannot make your shift for any reason, we encourage you to please contact the ReStore as soon as possible (303) 776-3334.

What if I have additional questions?

Feel free to contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Hannah Williams - or (303) 776-3334 x203.  

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Your safety is our top priority. We have some guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable volunteer experience.

Sign-Up Policies  

We encourage volunteers to sign-up online before coming in for a shift. Volunteers who sign up for an AM shift may stay until a PM shift without needing to sign up online. Any volunteer who arrives without a signed waiver cannot volunteer the same day.

New volunteers will be required to attend an orientation session. Volunteer orientations are available Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the month. Please register for an orientation in advance.  

Promoting a Respectful Environment

Volunteers are expected to treat all employees, customers, donors, and other volunteers with respect, courtesy, and dignity. This includes refraining from offensive or insensitive language, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, and harassment. We expect our volunteers to maintain confidentiality of volunteers, staff, beneficiaries, donors, and community members.

Lifting Heavy Items

Be aware for certain positions you might do some heavy lifting. We provide you with the tools you need to lift items safely, but if you ever feel you cannot lift, please ask for assistance. Let us know if you have a physical limitation, and we will find an appropriate alternative.  

Customer Concerns

If you encounter any situation that makes you uncomfortable, please inform a ReStore staff member immediately. You are not expected to handle unruly customer (or other volunteer) situations so always bring these to a staff member's attention. 

Safety Policies

  • If you see a safety hazard like broken glass, loose sharp implements on the floor, slick surfaces, or protruding objects on shelves, please inform ReStore staff immediately.

  • Make sure a ladder is fully open and secure before use. Minors are not allowed to use ladders. Do not stand on the top rung.

  • When lifting items, use the proper equipment and procedures. Utilize teamwork for an item that is too awkward or heavy for an individual. Use gloves (available in the break room or the back donations center). Minors are not allowed to lift heavy items or climb into customer vehicles when loading customer purchases.

  • Please try to keep the aisles as clear as possible for everyone's safety.

  • The Restore is not responsible for lost or damaged items. You are responsible for your personal belongings. Bring a lock for your locker, lock your items in your vehicle, or leave your valuables at home if possible.

  • If you are injured on site, please inform (or have someone inform) your ReStore supervisor immediately. First aid is available in the break room.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Weapons

The ReStore is a zero tolerance environment for alcohol, drugs (including marijuana), and weapons. You may not possess, purchase, or use alcohol or drugs on site or carry weapons of any kind in the St. Vrain Habitat ReStore, on the property or during a ReStore truck run. You may or may not receive a warning and may be asked to leave the premises.


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