How Do ReStore Shifts Work?

We are no longer accepting walk-ins.

Volunteer Policies

Thank you for your interest! We do have a few policies for you to be aware of as you sign up for shifts.

  • Minors (ages 16-17) can volunteer in the ReStore unaccompanied, but must still bring a waiver signed by a parent/guardian.

  • Minors (ages 14-15) need to be accompanied by an adult (parent, guardian, teacher, or sibling over age 18) when volunteering, and must bring a waiver signed by a parent/guardian.

  • Community service volunteers must receive approval before signing up for shifts. Request approval for court-ordered community service.

  • All first-time (or returning volunteers after a long absence) are required to sign-up for an orientation. Sign up for an orientation.

Signing Up

If you are a first-time volunteer, 

  1. Click to register or sign up for a time slot here.  

  2. Create a sign-in with St. Vrain CERVIS (name/email).

  3. Fill out the volunteer profile. Starred items are required. 

  4. Check the waiver box at the bottom. 

  5. Select a time slot if you have not already. 

  6. You'll receive a registration request submission notice and a follow-up email. 

  7. Please sign-up for a volunteer orientation available on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the month. (If you require a special time, please contact Hannah Williams, ReStore Volunteer Coordinator at (303) 776-3334 x203 or to make arrangements). 

  8. Minors need to bring their waiver signed by a parent/guardian at the beginning of their first shift. A link to download will be emailed to you in your confirmation email.

If you are a returning volunteer:

  1. Use your username and password you created on your first log-in here

  2. Select a time slot you wish to volunteer for on an available date. 

  3. If you do not see an available time slot you'd prefer or would like to volunteer for a different amount of hours, please contact us and let us know what times you'd like and we'll work with you.  

If you are completing court-ordered community service hours: 

If you are a first-time court-ordered community service volunteer, you need to call ahead. Contact Hannah Williams, ReStore Volunteer Coordinator, for approval at (303) 776-3334 x203 or hwilliams@stvrainhabitat.orgClick here to read additional requirements for community service volunteers.

Signing In and Out on Site

  1. Check in with customer service upon arrival if you are a brand new volunteer.

  2. Flip to the applicable section in the sign-in binder (i.e. Homeowners, Court-Ordered Community Service, and all other volunteers will sign in under Core Volunteers).

  3. Print your name on an available line.

  4. Write the time you arrived (round to the nearest 15 minutes).

  5. When you go to leave, please write the time you leave (round to the nearest 15 minutes).

  6. Core Volunteers can include an affiliation (i.e. group name, church, school, etc.)

  7. Community Service Volunteers are required to have a supervisor signature before leaving.


  • For a 4-hour to 6 hour shift, you will receive a 15 minute break. You do not need to sign out.

  • For a 6 hour+ shift, you receive a 30 minute lunch. You do need to sign out. Please factor your lunch into your shifts.

I’m Signed In. Now What?

  • If you are a first-time volunteer, you will need to have completed an orientation on site before your shift.

  • Check in with customer service to find out where you will be assigned and/or needed for the day. If you have a preference, please let us know.

  • Pick up a volunteer vest in the back break room. All volunteers are required to wear a vest on site.

  • Leave your personal belongings in your vehicle or place in the lockers in the break room. We do not provide locks. Bring your own if you’d like.

  • Check in with area supervisor once you’ve been assigned.

  • Have fun! :)

What if I can't make a shift? 

We rely on volunteers to help run the ReStore, but we understand things happen. If you cannot make your shift for any reason, we encourage you to please contact the ReStore as soon as possible (303) 776-3334 or you may cancel your shift in the online system.