Donate Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm
1351 Sherman Drive, Longmont | (303) 776-3334


We may be unable to accept your donation for a variety of reasons, including:

  • the ReStore does not sell the category of the item

  • the item is damaged, dirty, rusting, or missing pieces or parts

  • the ReStore does not have necessary storage space

  • the item is too old

  • the item does not meet additional quality standards

    Here are examples of items we do not accept: 

  • Used sleeper sofa beds

  • Aluminum framed windows

  • Un-framed glass/mirrors

  • Used Mattresses/box springs

  • Pre-owned Futons

  • Water beds

  • Exercise machines of any kind

  • Helmets of any kind

  • Toys and/or games

  • Crafting supplies

  • Car seats, cribs, infant items

  • Stone countertops

  • Used Carpet/Carpet Pads or Area Rugs

  • Cement mix for landscaping

  • Jetted tubs

  • Polished brass bathroom fixtures

  • Linens and/or Soft Goods

  • Chemicals

  • Toiletry Items

  • Plastic Tank Dishwashers

  • Computers/printers

  • Copy/fax machines

  • Console televisions/old style televisions

  • Un-packaged and used blinds or shades

  • Paint/stains/spray paints

  • Brass Lighting Fixtures

  • Entertainment Centers

  • Food

Unfortunately, there are many great donations we cannot accept.
Thank you for thinking of us. We would be happy to give you a recommendation upon request.


Donate Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm
1351 Sherman Drive, Longmont | (303) 776-3334 x203