News and Events - September 2019

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Construction in Estes Park Underway! We’re actively recruiting volunteers!


You Could Come with Us to Lesotho!

Join us on our Global Village Trip to Lesotho, Africa from February 7th-17th, 2020. This is going to be wild! We are joining forces with Habitat Paraguay o travel and build homes and relationships in the small mountain kingdom in Southern Africa.


Labor Day Sale at the ReStore

A chair could be just a chair. Or it can be the place your new neighbor sits when you invite them over for a barbecue, welcoming them to your community.

A light bulb could be just a light bulb. Or it can be the place to light up that dark spot in your closet and you finally see that treasured family photo album you’ve misplaced.

A 2x4 could just be a 2x4. Or it can be the piece of wood to represent the start of a new home project you’ve been dreaming of.

Whatever you’re looking for - we hope the items you find at St. Vrain Habitat ReStore helps you build new friendships, recall fond memories, and realize your dreams. And your purchases help our homeowners realize the dream of affordable housing! Thank you.