Neighborhood Revitalization

Neighborhood Revitalization Vision

Neighborhoods across the United States are vibrant, safe, and inviting places to live.

Neighborhood Revitalization Mission

Habitat for Humanity responds to neighborhood aspirations by collaborating with residents and partners to improve quality of life.

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Neighborhood Revitalization started as an initiative by Habitat for Humanity International in 2010 in an effort to serve more families in a holistic way through building communities. Since then, the program has successfully spread to over 260 of the 1500 Habitat affiliates in the United States, serving over 60% of U.S. families served by Habitat.  



St. Vrain Habitat adopted the Neighborhood Revitalization program in 2015, choosing to partner with The Glens neighborhood in Dacono. St. Vrain Habitat has been working in The Glens building new homes since 2009 and will continue building new homes to support the Neighborhood Revitalization efforts in The Glens. St. Vrain Habitat started a Home Repair program for existing homeowners in The Glens who are unable to make needed repairs on their homes. 

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St. Vrain Habitat helped facilitate the formation of a Neighborhood Coalition, composed of residents of The Glens. This coalition will speak on behalf of the community to create a Neighborhood Plan with different community projects that support the neighborhood as a whole.



Habitat is also looking to form partnerships with other agencies, businesses, organizations, local municipality, and anyone who represents the community to implement community projects.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining The Pride of the Glens coalition or participating in community projects, contact Neighborhood Revitalization Manager, Krystal Winship Erazo, at (720) 899-0893 or

Recent News

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11/13/18 - Kicking off the Neighborhood Revitalization Learning Cohort at Habitat International in Atlanta! Doris Crespo, Kathy Wittman, Krystal Winship Erazo and Dave Emerson gather with groups from 9 other affiliates chosen for a 5 year partnership to invest in and evaluate neighborhood revitalization quality of life framework! 

8/30/18 - Thank you to our Wells Fargo, Pride of The Glens Coalition, and St. Vrain Habitat staff, board members, and volunteers who joined us for a landscaping day at Clem DuFour Park in The Glens neighborhood of Dacono. The flowers look beautiful. Thanks Wells Fargo for supporting The Glens in Dacono as part of an initiative to revitalize neighborhoods across the country. 


8/22/18 - St. Vrain Habitat is the grateful recipient of a $22,500 grant from Wells Fargo for Neighborhood Revitalization in The Glens neighborhood of Dacono. Read article on Longmont Times-Call.