estes park
Construction Underway

We are actively recruiting volunteers! Build in the beautiful Estes Park! Get started today by clicking below!

The beautiful Estes Valley is distinctive in many ways and is a home away from home for many Coloradans. The gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, its economy is tourism-based, serving those of us who love to visit but often tough for those who must live with unpredictable, fluctuating income. This presents unique challenges to the community including needs for both affordable, year-round housing and seasonal, workforce housing.

St. Vrain Habitat is part of the solution, building affordable homes that enable home ownership through low-cost, no-profit mortgages. Homeowners are selected based on need. Facilitating home ownership frees up options downstream, such as subsidized housing and affordable rental units, for others in need. Creating stability for families through home ownership not only transforms individual lives but creates greater stability within the community. Make a difference today! Please help us build our next affordable Habitat home in Estes Park!

For Questions or to Register a Group Contact: 

Rebecca Shannon, Volunteer and Outreach Manager, 303-682-2485

August 2019 Accelerated Build