How We Do It

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We have built more than 70 homes locally, and funded more than 120 homes internationally. At $145,000 per house, HFHSVV has maintained the lowest cost-of-construction for a single family home among all local housing developers, both commercial and non-profit. 

HFHSVV offers affordable mortgage loans, and all loan payments help build more Habitat homes.  


The St. Vrain Valley is blessed with people who have huge hearts and are willing to donate their time and talents to help others realize the American dream of home ownership. It was volunteers who founded and worked diligently to build Habitat into the organization that it has become. Today, it's the volunteers who lead construction groups and participate in the family selection process. Volunteers give their time and specific expertise in finance or law to help guide the growth and development of the organization. Volunteers help our ReStore run smoothly. Dedicated volunteers, from the Board of Directors to those on the job sites, are the backbone of HFHSVV. Without volunteers, HFHSVV simply could not exist.

Financial Support

None of this would be possible without the funding given by the local community. Monetary funding is provided by dedicated corporate and faith-based organizations, foundations, as well as generous individuals in the St. Vrain Valley. While HFHSVV partners with Habitat for Humanity International, they do not fund the work being done in the St. Vrain Valley. (Habitat for Humanity International does, however, administer national corporate and in-kind support partnerships which Habitat affiliates throughout the country can access. For more information about Habitat for Humanity International, please visit their website by clicking here.) 

The St. Vrain Valley community changes the lives of families living here and abroad. For more information about contributing to Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley, check out the Support section of the website.

Staff Leadership

HFHSVV staff truly understand the mission of Habitat. They understand growth represents another child who will have a safe place to do homework or invite friends over or another St. Vrain family who will be able to have holiday meals in their home and not at the local shelter. By bringing diverse skill sets to the organization, the team collaborates to ensure HFHSVV continues to increase the number of families served. Working together they develop new programs to educate the community, identify areas of opportunity and reach out to affiliates abroad to further extend HFHSVV's impact.  

Gifts in Kind

Instead of donating money to an organization, some individuals and companies provide goods or professional services. In-kind donations are invaluable to Habitat’s efforts to build simple, decent, affordable homes. Pro bono labor in several trades, as well as donated construction materials, allows Habitat to build more homes in a shorter amount of time, and reduces the cost of construction.

With about one-third of construction costs covered by donated materials and skilled labor, Habitat can build one extra home per year.

To discuss a donation of services, please contact Stephen Scott, Director of Construction303-682-2485.

For ReStore donations, click here.