Habitat developed the ReBuild the St. Vrain Valley program in response to the historic flooding in September 2013. The goal of the ReBuild program is to return families to safe, sanitary and functional homes. ReBuild focuses both on repairing damaged homes and the construction of new homes for families whose homes were destroyed. If you're in need of housing assistance please take a look at our pages on homeownership.

 With the help of volunteers from around the globe and a strong partnership with the organization All Hands Volunteers, Habitat has completed 19 repair projects and has finished its first new home in Lyons for a flood survivor family. Habitat is also building homes for several flood survivors in the Longmont Poplar Grove Development. To volunteer for a ReBuild project please visit our Volunteer Page.

For Questions or to Register a Group Contact: 

Rebecca Shannon, Volunteer Coordinator

RShannon@stvrainhabitat.org, 303-682-2485 ext. 102