The Construction Safety Policy covers all aspects of safety of construction operations at any site operated by Habitat for Humanity of St Vrain Valley. 


For Information On The Basic Components And Terminology Used In Building A House, Please Read Our How To Build A House Teaser 


The Construction Guides listed on this page provide basic guidelines for completing specific projects during the construction of a home. The guides are listed in chronological order, beginning with the foundation of the home and ending with final inspection. 

If you have a question or comment on any of the guides, please send an email to 

10 Attic Air Seal
15 Carpentry General Exterior
16 Carpentry General Interior
20 Caulk Exterior
30 Caulk Interior
32 Countertop Install
35 Crawlspace Insulate 
40 Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
50 Doors Exterior
60 Doors Interior
70 Door Trim and Base Boards
80 Drywall 
85 Drywall Clips
90 Final Cleanup & Trim 
100 Floor Joist, 1st Floor Hang 
110 Floor Joist, 2nd Floor Hang
120 Floor Sheeting 
125 Foundation Footer
130 Foundation Forms
140 Framing Backout
150 HVAC Soffit
160 Lateral Electrical Conduit 
170 Mudsill
180 Paint Exterior
190 Paint Interior 
200 Paint Preparation Interior
210 Porch Beam Prepare
220 Porch Posts
225 Porch Trim 
230 Roof Overframe 
240 Roof Sheeting
250 Roof Trusses Install
260 Roof Trusses Prepare 
270 Roof Trusses Rigging 
280 Shaft Wall Install 
290 Shearwall Finish
300 Siding 
310 Sod
320 Soffit
330 Spray Paint Interior Trim
335 Sprinkler Installation 
340 Stairway 
345 Telephone Wire
350 Wall Build
360 Wall Flashing 
370 Wall Insulation
380 Wall Plates, Cut and Mark 
390 Wall Plumb, Straighten & Double Plate 
400 Wall Sheet, Square, & Stand
410 Window Installation


In case of inclement weather, please call our Construction Update Hotline at 303-682-2485, and press 6. Weather cancellations will be posted on this hotline by 7:15 AM.


Team leaders can now submit an End of Day Report online. The report captures information about the day's activities and notifies the construction manager of issues which need addressing. Click on the links below to fill out report. 

Longmont Poplar Grove EOD Report
Carbon Valley (Dacono or Erie) EOD Report


Blueprints are available for houses currently under construction.


How to Mark and Measure 
Using a Circular Saw 
Using a Nail Gun 
Using a Reciprocating Saw 
Using a Ladder


Check out these tidbits of information on the reasons why we do the things we do at Habitat.